Music Videos

Originality is hard to come by. The current market of Music videos brings the Hip Hop genre to new levels with amateurs making videos with quick cuts and tons of filters. I see many of them used for their talent and time: working for free to nothing with the promises of "exposure." Many of these are kids around 18-25 who do not have access to the industry and this is their way to break in. Frankly I am tired of all the videos that claim to be artistic but are truly just cookie cutters with small bits of relevance to the actual song that they claim is genius. SHOOT ME. Just because you own a 7D does not mean you are a DP, nor does it mean you are a director. Some make it, do not get me wrong but a vast majority never rise above youtube posts. You allow these other artists a way to get exposure, while you live with your mother or can not pay bills.

That being said I love someone taking a chance on originality but not for the sake of being so. I encourage all to constantly create but bragging when you can not pay your bills is a whole other beast. If your music video looks just like A$AP rockys self made videos chances are you are cookie cutter. He invented those and launched his career off it, its been done, stop imitating.

Rafael RiveraComment