How to Monetize web-series


The Name of the game. The ability to provide a living doing something we love is the goal of most of our lives. Living to work instead of working to live???

Web Series are a great platform for up and coming artists to display their abilities from every position. Producers get to prove that they can make an idea tangible, Camera men display their visual talents, Gaffers (when properly equipped) get to display their ability to manipulate light, actors get to display their chops, etc etc... But can they be profitable?

I am working on ways to give web series a new path. In my opinion the web will be the future of cable. Why buy a box and spend tons of money monthly when you watch maybe a fifth of the channels you pay for? Options are great but how much do we really use?

My web-series I am producing has 4 episodes ready to be released currently and I am excited to see the options we have with something tangible to show sponsors. The idea is exciting in theory, executing it properly is the part where many fail. I see so many web series that look like student attempts with grown men and women playing characters that they really do not fit. The acting is bad or the subject is matter is not funny enough no matter how hard they push a joke.

Our series has many things that make me positive I found the perfect test subject for producing a financial profitable web series. We have a committed originator/creator/ host that is 100% behind it and updates her social networks constantly allowing exposure. You see our subject matter pertains to the ever increasing Gluten Free population out there currently. Many people are undiagnosed and only get worse until they finally find out. It can develop at any time and for most comes as a surprise. This is a web series to guide many who find it difficult to find G Free food on the go. Which Restaurants cater most to this growing market? Who sells the best Gluten Free bread? Snacks? Sweets? Our small but growing market is meant to tackle a niche in the web world.

I'll keep you updated on how it goes! Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

On set filming the feature "Sleeping with the Fishes" (2013)