Web Series Content

Web-series are constantly hitting the web now, Most by actors with a 5D and a student/ amateur crew. I love the opportunity for creation, taking chancing and creating new characters. Unfortunately most are not up to par, not being show ready.

But... I think we should take more chances. 90% are Comedy or dramas. I am putting a foot in my mouth when I say someone should create more profitable genres. In the indie market the most profitable indie films are usually; Documentaries with high current controversy,  LGBT movies, black comedies, Gore Films, and Horror.

The more low budget the better to get out of the red. It's very possible to get a decent movie done for under a million. Horror and suspense is some of the greatest ways to make an impact if done right. This takes a ton of practice and knowledge so it is very easy to get this wrong but when it works out... (Think Paranormal)