Why so clean?

This serious has to be one of the biggest wastes of story line in existence. Revolution as it is called is a great premise that allows us to lose our selves with the theory of resetting the world back to Zero. Ridding ourselves of debt and luxuries for the chance to begin new, creating a world of survival and simplicity rather than the exorbitant dreams of having it all materially. 

But... Why so clean? Are we not in a world of survival? Who did the casting? The acting is terrible, the fight scenes are so badly done it is a joke, and the environments are so staged it's easily held in a studio environment. The actors are always impeccably dressed with no signs of wear and tear. NBC is doing an injustice to this series allowing a good premise and great marketing to fall to waste. Instead of building a contender I see this show going the same way as Terra Nova. JJ Abrams a man with great ideas but allowing poor execution and poor casting.

The indie producer is looking at this begging for an ear from NBC asking, " With 1/10 of your budget I could develop a series with better story and much more conviction that people can truly buy into." 

I just HATE that a serious that sounded so promising is going to be dead in a seasons time or guilt-ed into a second season...  Back to the drawing board for more content that will allow us the opportunity to take the next step in development. (Always Be Creating).