As of lately on my days off I have been wondering the greater New England area. My goal is to find some of the rarest locations in the area knowing how vast and great our land is. It is filled with mysteries that I would like to discover and give to a creative director who will exemplify what it is to be original. New York City is filled with millions of locations that have been used time and time again. I have those. I grew up here. I know where to go and what neighborhoods have changed over the years. Searching for new and interesting locations is my job and my life at this point of my career....

Why bring this up? The Hamptons International Film Festival has had a great idea. Let's bring in some of the great talents in the city and persuade them to take a couple hour drive outside the city to show off some locations they feel are worth while. BRAVO. This coming week not only will they wine and dine myself and some of the best local talent, they will give us entry to the film festivals, while surrounding us with other creative types in hopes of bringing up something worth while for the masses.

Even though I have worked in the Hamptons quite a bit, I am not going to lie... most of it was for reality TV because they owned a home out there. One of the first micro budgets I worked on was out there and quite a good experience. Even such a small crew garnered much attention from the neighborhood, with everyone asking how they can help or be apart of the production in some way.

In my personal preference I love to be away from home. 2 -3 months on a low budget feature in an area I have never been or used to is always something I put at the top of my list. Guess it is the traveler in me. If anyone is also attending the HIFF please feel free to contact me!