John August

If you are not familiar with him please educate yourself with his work. He allows what I call "The Daily reader" to be immersed in our world. Keep in mind I am no where near at the top of the chain like he is but I do live in the world of television which is fairy tale land all in its own. 

His podcasts are great to listen to and I usually listen to his podcasts when doing normal chores around the house. Hooking up my iPad to the stereo and I get to the busy work around the house, sometimes arguing out loud to things I disagree with. was introduced to me about 3 or 4 years ago, I wrote a script I was really proud of at the time and I gave it to a reader friend of mine. He essentially told me I was not ready for the big time and it was in a category that 95% of scripts are in; not readable to producers. I learned the difference quickly and began reading scripts to learn why I was so far off. John August's website allowed me to compare my mistakes to others in the community. His website has evolved to more than that including everything in the business not just typing error and proper punctuation. Craig, his partner on broadcasts is very knowledgeable and I find myself hating what he says sometime even though he is right a majority of the time. 

Just saying if you're into writing scripts and need somewhere to hear people discuss the business from the inside, is a great place to start.

Rafael RiveraComment