Developing Brand Stories

Empire Rockefeller Vodka

Development of "Brand Stories" 

        When a business approaches me about doing a small "commercial" there is a good amount of education that is exchanged. I discover how these business developed and became who they are today, how they run, how they make and lose money, and how they function on an every day basis.

        I've worked with many corporations in the past, such as Progressive Insurance and T-Mobile, and the life was always so different than owning your own business. I appreciated the structure but always felt confined in my worth. To each it's own and some progress better in established settings but I always felt the need to venture out on my own to feel free to make mistakes.

     My Experience with those companies have helped me in everyday life, and now have led me to pursue "Brand Stories" as a marketing tool to help clients develop their brands/products through visual entertainment. People want to be shown, instead of told, and allowing me to construct ideas into tangible products is a beautiful thing. I have recently asked my client,, to allow me to display some promotional items I have done in the past. My new focus will be to present a new affordable marketing tool for a business to present new products, events, and anything that they want to share. I hope every business that is looking to enhance their brand, will look to Brand Stories to communicate to their future customers.